A Short Reminder Regarding Breakthrough

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Ronnie Floyd makes a great short statement about the power of Prayer and fasting.  I trust it will encourage you in your journey with the Lord. God’s gateway to spiritual breakthrough is praying and fasting. The walls will be crushed, destroyed, and removed, and the power of God will fall. You can know the power [...]

Tough Questions About Our Spiritual Plight

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Ronnie Floyd asks some tough questions about our willingness to fast and pray.  read his thoughts and then consider the passage of Scripture from Joel When was the last time we fasted and prayed over our own spiritual plights, the spiritual conditions of our churches, and the spiritual health of our country? When was the [...]

40 Days of Prayer and Fasting Inventory

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As we begin this journey of prayer and fasting I want to give you some thoughts from the book, The Power of Prayer and Fasting by Ronnie Floyd. He writes that he asks some hard questions because if we don't ask them and answer them, the power of transformation is certainly inhibited.  Here are 13 [...]

Soul Care

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To begin 2016, I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to read several books about inner disciplines.  One of the books I had recently purchased pertained to this.  Soul Keeping by John Ortberg, Senior Pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian in CA. In a couple of chapters Ortberg addresses the tension that sin creates for the [...]

Disturbance . . .

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Oswald Chambers wrote, “What is the thing that not only disturbs you, but makes you a disturbance? It is always something you cannot deal with yourself.” This reminds me of why we are dependent upon the grace of God for salvation and sanctification by the gospel of Jesus. Yesterday’s message, "The Power Behind the Launch" [...]

Variations on Grey

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When I was in my second year of college, originally studying architecture, I was required to take a painting class. I remember creating a color wheel which helped us to understand the variations of shades and the manner in which colors work together. I often think about that exercise when I walk through Lowe’s and [...]