Pastor Matt offers a variety of counseling avenues free of charge for our community.  He focuses on the areas of Pre-marriage, marriage, conflict resolution, and family support.  We also offer Steps To Freedom, Financial Counseling, and more through trained couples in our church.  We recognize that there might be a need for some folks to seek professional attention and we then encourage them to seek out Cherilyn Wright and the staff at Branches Counseling in Robertson County.

We were introduced to Mike Courtney of the Branches Recovery Center in 2015 by Cherilyn Wright.  Together, we began praying about the Branches Counseling Center extending its services into the Robertson County area.  We sensed that focus, strengths and mission of Branches could offer people a new awareness of and opportunity for hope.  Branches offers Counseling, Coaching, Intensives and more to offer that hope.  This meant we could bring in one group, offering a variety of avenues for people, meeting their distinct needs.  It was an easy decision for The Grove Church to offer the space to Branches. After about 18 months of hosting Branches at The Grove, Cherilyn was presented with an answer to prayer, she was able to extend Branches into the Robertson County through her own practice and business extension.  Though we were sad to see her move out of our building, we are excited to see what will happen as this new resource is extended more broadly into our Robertson County Community.

So together we now have a different, but ongoing relationship with Branches as we cooperatively invest to impact lives with the restorative work of Jesus in people’s lives.

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Make sure to read their section “Something For You”

Together with Branches we offer several types of counseling.  You can contact Branches Counseling Center directly by calling 615-904-7170.  You can contact Cherilyn Wright, the local Branches Counselor.  You can call The Grove Church office 615-382-1522 and schedule a pastoral counseling session with Matt Warren.