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The Story is a condensed chronological Bible, and in our journey through it we’re going to better discover how our story fits into God’s story, so that we become more like Jesus.

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An excerpt from the Participant’s Guide conveying the significance of this journey.

A Word from the Authors

As we journey through THE STORY in the days and weeks ahead, we will learn that heaven and earth are woven more closely together than we ever dreamed.  All through the story of the Bible we see two parallel and beautiful dramas unfold.

There is the Upper Story.  God is real, he is present, and he is working on our behalf.  Heaven is breaking into the world more than we recognize, and the story of God’s seeking love, perpetual grace, and longing for relationship with ordinary people is breathtaking.

There is also a Lower Story.  We live on earth.  We make mistakes, run from God, and resist his overtures of love.  Sometimes we get so mired in the Lower Story that we fail to recognize God’s presence breaking into our world.  We forget that the God of heaven longs to have a growing relationship, a friendship, with us.

In the beginning of The Story, God walked with his first children in a beautiful garden . . . in harmonious relationship.  At the end of The Story, he will walk with us again, on streets of gold.

The question is: what will happen in the pages in between?  As we walk through The Story together, we will see how the Upper Story and Lower Story are intertwined.  All through history God has encountered, loved, sought, disciplined, and redeemed his children.

God is closer than we think.

Best of all, we can walk closely with him in every situation of life.  He is near.  He loves us.  As we recognize how close the Upper Story and the Lower Story fit together, we will learn to experience God’s love and grace as we walk through our days.  We will never walk alone.

God wants to be with us; with you, with me.  This is the refrain that rings true through The Story.  As you read each chapter this will become clearer and more personal.  On this journey, we will grow together and discover that the world is a smaller place than we knew.

God’s story and our stare are really one and the same.

  1. The Story of the Garden  Genesis 1-11
  2. The Story of Israel Genesis 12-Malachi
  3. The Story of Jesus Matthew – John (Gospels)
  4. The Story of the Church Acts – Jude
  5. The Story of the New Garden  Revelation

Our prayer . . .

is that each person who walks through the thirty-one sessions of The Story Adult Curriculum Participant’s Guide will be able to do three things:

  1. Identify the five movements that are listed above and how they shape The Story.
  2. Articulate a short statement that captures the heart of each of the five sections of The Story.
  3. Connect the themes of God’s story with one’s personal story.  This will release people to naturally tell their story of faith in a way that intertwines with God’s story.