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New to RSS subscriptions? Look below for explanation and instructions.


If you already know what you are doing and just need links to our feeds, look no further:

Every time a new sermon is preached or a new article is posted on this site, a file is created, summarizing the new content. Certain web-based and desktop applications can be configured to seek out those files, and notify their users when the new content becomes available. We offer subscriptions for articles and also for sermons, which take the form of a podcast. Check out or Wikipedia for additional details on RSS and for links to RSS readers.

The simplest way to subscribe to our podcast is via Apple’s iTunes. Once set up, iTunes will automatically download new audio sermons as soon as they are available. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download iTunes here (available for both Mac and Windows)
  • Install iTunes
  • Visit the iTunes Podcast web page
  • Click the View in iTunes button and then “Subscribe Free” once iTunes opens
  • Double-click any file to play.

There are a variety of services you can use to subscribe to articles. Popular services include: