The Elements of Gathering in Worship at The Grove:

  • SINGING: Our style of music is contemporary. Biblically inspired songs, choruses and hymns are utilized to help us focus on Jesus. You can listen to some of our favorites here. As you sing, please consider the words and sing from your heart as a response to God recognizing His love for us.
  • PRAYER: Through prayer, we communicate with God the Father. As prayers are spoken during our worship, focus your heart and mind on the triune God as you praise Him, thank Him, confess to Him and make requests of Him.
  • READING OF SCRIPTURE: Scripture is exalted. We believe it is what transforms us by the renewing of our minds. Listen carefully and with faith as Scripture is read and trust it as it influences your life.
  • TEACHING SCRIPTURE: Our desire is to teach what people may otherwise not know. We endeavor to strengthen the trustworthiness of Scripture, to emphasize that it is the authority for our lives and explain how it is to be applied in our lives.
  • CONNECTING: We have time during our worship gathering to meet and greet those seated nearby. During the announcements we are informed of ways to build community by communicating opportunities for ministry, fellowship, and service.

The Purpose of Gathering in Worship:

The purpose of our gathering in worship on Sunday mornings is to translate the good news of Jesus Christ into terms everyone can understand through:

  • Celebration of Christ’s presence: accomplished through music, drama, prayer
  • Revelation of God’s Word: accomplished through Biblical teaching & instruction
  • Liberation of the Body of Christ: accomplished through the freedom to serve in ministry

We desire that the people of The Grove grow as a community of believers who glorify and honor God in all things. Each time we gather in worship we have opportunity to edify one another through singing, prayer, reading and teaching of Scripture. Each element of worship provides us opportunities of expressing to God our adoration of Him.