Synchronized with the Sacred

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I am reading a book by Robert Morgan, titled: Mastering Life, Before It’s Too Late.  In today’s reading I came across a paragraph about making the most of today.  He writes: The child of God never awakens to a day unplanned by heaven or unattended by the Lord.  When the alarm goes off each morning, [...]

Glory and Faith – Their Incredible Relationship

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In yesterday’s message on Soli Deo Gloria, I meantoned 15 occurrences of the word glory in the book of Romans.  The Lord has impressed me to take a further look at a few of these and share some of the insights into the Scripture’s teaching and the implications for us. I begin by looking at [...]

Advancing On Knees

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When reading The Power of Prayer and Fasting, one thing that was very convicting is this statement: The church advances on its knees.  Few things are talked about more in church than prayer, yet relatively few saints know and experience the marvels of intercession. We must recognize that we have a desperate need for God. [...]

Prayer and Fasting prepare us for Worship

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Ronnie Floyd writes: Genuine worship is an encounter with God that results in lifestyle change. I hate to disappoint any of you, but it has nothing to do with the style of worship, or type of song sung, balance or imbalance, blended or not, casual or formal, tucked in shirt or untucked shirt, choir or [...]

The Importance of Humility

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Ronnie Floyd writes the following in The Power of Prayer and Fasting. Humility in the presence of His power is what God demands of His children. Spiritual fasting is the means—the once-hidden, unexplored, misunderstood vehicle—by which we humble ourselves before God. Micah 6:8 speaks of God's desire for our humility.  In Philippians 2:5-8, Paul instructs [...]

Change My Heart

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Ronnie Floyd writes: Changed lives. Results from being in the holy presence of God. Changed attitudes, changed relationships, changed hearts. This is what can happen when we experience the supernatural power of God through fasting and prayer. When we repent of our willful desires to put distance between ourselves and God’s holiness, He will change [...]