When reading The Power of Prayer and Fasting, one thing that was very convicting is this statement: The church advances on its knees.  Few things are talked about more in church than prayer, yet relatively few saints know and experience the marvels of intercession.

We must recognize that we have a desperate need for God.  Advancement comes as we posture ourselves before Him in humble dependence.  Prayer is that posturing.  I trust that your discipline of prayer is improving during these 40 days.

Heavenly Father, as we humble ourselves may we be filled with tears and hearts for personal revival, church revival, national revival, as well as global revival.  Break us and expose our sins to us.  Lead us to repentance.  Endow us with the authority and power of Jesus Christ in all we do.  Reveal to us Your holiness and pour out Your Spirit in such a way that an undeniable awakening of Your will and purpose is accomplished.  Create in me personally an openness to things of You and a distaste for things of this world, so that I know more of You and Your holiness each moment of each day.  I relinquish my life to You.