Ronnie Floyd writes:

Genuine worship is an encounter with God that results in lifestyle change. I hate to disappoint any of you, but it has nothing to do with the style of worship, or type of song sung, balance or imbalance, blended or not, casual or formal, tucked in shirt or untucked shirt, choir or praise team, or acoustics or band or orchestra.

Prayer and fasting focus our hearts on God and not the externals.  This powerful pair will ready our hearts for genuine worship in a way like no other elements can.  Read Psalm 34, noting the moments when David identifies the imagery of taste and hunger (vss 1, 8, 10).  David identifies that the hunger for the Lord enhances worship.

Floyd, Ronnie W. (2009-12-15). The Power of Prayer and Fasting (p. 64). B&H Publishing Group.