Ronnie Floyd writes:

Changed lives. Results from being in the holy presence of God. Changed attitudes, changed relationships, changed hearts. This is what can happen when we experience the supernatural power of God through fasting and prayer. When we repent of our willful desires to put distance between ourselves and God’s holiness, He will change our attitudes toward our most cherished sins, and we will find ourselves in the center of a spiritual breakthrough.

Initially I feel somewhat offended to think that I have cherished sin in my life.  But upon careful examination, each of us will find that there is some sin that we cherish.  I believe that Ronnie Floyd has it right, when we repent of those willful desires the distance between ourselves and God is overcome.

Reading Romans 8:1-8.  I hope you see the promise that is presented to us in Jesus . . . when we live according to the spirit our minds are set on the things of the spirit . . . and this is life and peace.  When prayer and fasting are coupled with repentance a unique opportunity is created for us to have our flesh minimized and the Spirit focused life move to the forefront.  Their provision means we can discover life and peace in Jesus.  The revealing of and repentance from sin is the removal of fleshly living.

Now finish reading the context of Romans  8:9-11.  If Christ dwells in you it is His righteousness that ultimately gives life to you.  Prayer, fasting, and repentance are conduits by which we more appropriately experience His righteousness.  This is how we discover spiritual breakthrough and changed lives.

Floyd, Ronnie W. (2009-12-15). The Power of Prayer and Fasting (p. 59). B&H Publishing Group.