I am still working through Holiness by Grace by Bryan Chapell.  He was talking about mercy in the chapter I am in, and interjected a unique experience that reminded me of the values of relationships in the church, especially personal relationships that may know the intimate details of our lives.

He writes (referring to a conversation he had with another pastor), “He said he had discovered that his own walk with the Lord could be charted according to his level of accountability to other Christians. He said, “I have discovered in the Christian life that you are moving either toward or away from accountability.” Very few healthy things in the Christian life happen in secret. If you cannot or will not tell your spouse, your peers, or your superiors about something, then accountability falters. Our immersion in and integrity with these patterns of Christian association and accountability are ordinary means by which we grow in godliness.”

When I read this, I am certainly reminded of the ebbs and flows in my own life in relationship with Christ.  The moments that I seem to have the greatest level of intimacy with him are certainly identified when I am at my most transparent moments, vulnerable, and honest with others in my life.

For over a year now I have been working hard to maintain an accountability relationship with a mentor of mine from my early days of becoming a follower of Jesus by grace through faith.  This friendship provides encouragement, stability, strength, and helps to prevent me from wandering away from the Lord into sin.  Between my friend, my wife, and my attempts to be transparent with my fellow elders (other peers) I a convinced the flow is in the greater, growing level of intimacy with Jesus.  These are the people who have spurred me on to a better relationship with Jesus.  I am more inclined to wrestle against my flesh, more resolved to battle every day, and intentional in my efforts for sacrificial living.

I trust that you wil consider your own life, specifically whether you are moving toward or away from accountability.  I hope that you will make any necessary steps to instill accountability in your life to afford the means to grow in godliness.