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Soul Care

To begin 2016, I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to read several books about inner disciplines.  One of the books I had recently purchased pertained to this.  Soul Keeping by John Ortberg, Senior Pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian in CA. In a couple of chapters Ortberg addresses the tension that sin creates for the [...]

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A Horse And A Bunch Of Carrots

I often think about the things about myself that need changing.  I am not talking about my imperfections in appearance, weight, or really any external matters.  I am really thinking about the transformation that I need to undergo due to Jesus at work in me.  These changes are rooted in the change of my heart [...]

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Rock Solid

Murphy's Law! An idea that speaks to the human condition. If you think your life is supposed to be challenge free, easy, and predictable...Ha! Wake up! Your dream is over, right? Murphy is laughing. See if you can identify: [checklist] A day without a crisis is a day that is a total loss. Inside every [...]

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